Hybrid Strategist, Systems Thinker, YA Mentor

Wunderman Los Angeles, Leo Burnett Mumbai, Magnetry Inc Phoenix, DDB Chicago


The Future is Hybrid

and it is here. As we live through the advent of AI in marketing, hyper-personalization and the third-wave of disruption, our brand planning arsenal must evolve too. With the tsunami of tech-specialists, there’s an increasing need for full-spectrum thinkers, jargon translators and catalysts for human truths. Hello, from the era of Hybrid Strategy. I’m Divya.

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Divya was the easily best planner I worked with, across agencies. She was extremely up-to-date with her grasp on digital media and knew how to apply them to brand marketing.
— Chuck Gopalakrishnan, VP Digital Planning, Leo Burnett


My work includes creating integrated media campaigns, fostering brand narratives that poke at category cliches, running creative research immersions, and developing content and distribution strategies for ideas to thrive in a competitive environment - no matter the scale of business or industry.

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What impresses most about Divya is her hunger, passion and energy for developing strategy no matter what the industry or brand. She is complete natural with an amazing ability to unearth new consumer insights and formulate them into solid strategic recommendations.
— Steve Collins, Director of Marketing Rally Health, Ex-Wunderman

Cut to the chase

I’m the strategist you never knew you needed, but are relieved is there. Let’s get to work.

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Divya has maturity and courage far beyond her years and experience. But more than that she proves to be wicked smart. If you can be as fortunate to have an opportunity to work with Divya and have her on your team take advantage of that opportunity.
— Dan Olson, Former COO Wunderman LA